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Wolf (Tamed)

Wolf (Tamed)


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Tamed wolves feature a red collar and less aggressive eyes. They will protect you if you are attacked, attack something that YOU are attacking, and follow you wherever you go.

When a wild wolf is given enough bones (amount is random), a puff of heart particles appears and it gains a red collar, turning it into a tamed wolf. Once a wolf turns hostile, it can no longer be tamed.

Heal your pet wolves by feeding them porkchops (raw or cooked, both heal for 1.5 hearts). A wolf's health is indicated by his tail position: 100° indicates 100% health, 50° for 50%.

Tamed wolves will teleport to your location if you move too far away from them.

Tamed wolved can be bred by giving them chicken, porkchops, steak, or rotten flesh.