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Piston (Sticky)

Piston (Sticky)
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Yes (64)
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Sticky pistons are used to pull/push a nearby block 1 space. Once it extends into a block, the block will stick to it. Sticky pistons can also block the flow of fluids when extended. Find non-sticky pistons here.

Pistons can be horizontally facing or vertically facing. Once a block is attached, it can be removed by either pushing the block away with another piston, destroying the sticky piston, destroying the block, or pushing away the sticky piston itself (the "stuck" block will not travel with it).

You can activate and control pistons by using redstone circuits.

Pistons cannot move obsidian, bedrock, or objects that have additional data attached to them such as signs (they store the message), chests (stores contents), dispensers (stores contents), etc. Pistons can move other pistons if they are not extended.

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Piston (Sticky)