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Category: Survival
Description: Orion is a MineCraft SMP server. The server is in full survival mode.You must collect all your supplies, but generally on the server the goal is to socialize and have fun. There are also ranks to help you in the process in acquiring enough materials to build substantial creations. One of these can be achieved by donating money to the server, giving you the ability to spawn items and forget the troubles of mining. It is rare to be banned on the server due to its simple set of rules. Anything that follows the rules is fair game to do on the server. Though asking an admin or moderator before doing something you question is always fine. PLUGINS: Bukkit: build #1704 Essentials: 2.7.2 Announcer: 1.7.0 DeathTpPlus: LagMeter: 1.4 NoLagg: 1.54.8 RageQuit: 1.0b MobDisguise: 1.65 Additional Details Survival Server . We run essentials to handle most stuff, working with groupmanager. We have some security plugins, as well as some optimizing plugi
Game Version: 1.0.1
Maximum Users: 20
Server Owner: Donut
Platform: Unknown
Public/Private: Public

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