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Category: PvP
Description: Do you like to grief? Do you hate hackers? Do you like to betray/ trick? Well then Scaredkraft is the server for you! With strong working staff, griefing allowed, and a "no complaining policy". Also give us diamond if you love us :D So come and join the server with Raiding to Betraying also have fun with the plugins we have in the server! Iconomy Factions Mcmmo and more ! We are soon to have arenas and more fun things to do! best of all we are running on the highest server host so expect little to no Lag! so join and have fun! Additional Details Factions, Griefing encouraged, PVP, Shop, McMMO,
Game Version: 1.0.0
Maximum Users: 50
Server Owner: Kronos34
Platform: Unknown
Public/Private: Public

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