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Note Block

Note Block
Block/Item ID:
Yes (64)
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Plays a note when hit or when powered by a redstone circuit. There must be one open space above a note block in order for it to work.

Every time you right-click a note block, the pitch will go up by a half-step. The pitch range begins at F#/G♭and goes up two octaves.

The type of block beneath the note block determines the instrument used:

Block Type
Wood-based blocks (including another note block) Bass Guitar
Sand / Gravel / Soul Sand Snare Drum
Glass / Glowstone Clicks / Sticks
Stone-based blocks (e.g. ores) / Obsidian / Netherrack / Bricks Bass Drum
Dirt and all other blocks including Air Piano

Pitch (Octave One)
# of right-clicks
F#/G♭ 0 clicks
G 1 click
G#/A♭ 2 clicks
A 3 clicks
A#/B♭ 4 clicks
B 5 clicks
C 6 clicks
C#/D♭ 7 clicks
D 8 clicks
D#/E♭ 9 clicks
E 10 clicks
F 11 clicks
F#/G♭ 12 clicks
Pitch (Octave Two)
# of right-clicks
F#/G♭ 12 clicks
G 13 clicks
G#/A♭ 14 clicks
A 15 clicks
A#/B♭ 16 clicks
B 17 clicks
C 18 clicks
C#/D♭ 19 clicks
D 20 clicks
D#/E♭ 21 clicks
E 22 clicks
F 23 clicks
F#/G♭ 24 clicks

Recipe / Source

Wooden Plank
Wooden Plank
Wooden Plank
Wooden Plank
Redstone Dust
Wooden Plank
Wooden Plank
Wooden Plank
Wooden Plank
Note Block