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Monster Spawner

Monster Spawner
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These blocks, found in dungeons, spawn monsters in a 9x9x9 area to essentially guard the treasures that the dungeon holds.

The block will contain a flame (that doesn't emit light) and a miniature version of the monster it is creating that will slowly increase spinning speed until the next monster is spawned.

Once a player moves within 16 squares of a monster spawner, the spawner will activate. It will only place monsters in squares within its 9x9x9 area that have a light level of less than 7. The spawner will attempt to place a monster, on average, every 24.975 seconds. It will give up after 4 failed attempts to find a valid placement, and it will stop spawning if 6 or more monsters of the specified type are inside the 9x9x9 area.

Unedited monster spawners will spawn skeletons, zombies and spiders.