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Minecraft Textures

What is a Texture Pack?

Texture packs change the appearance of items, blocks and/or creatures on your game client. These texture changes will not be visible to other players in multiplayer. Minecraft supports 16x16 pixel texture packs. Although 32x32 High Definition texture packs do exist, they are not supported and require some additional steps to install.

Installing Texture Packs

To install a texture pack, simply download a texture pack ZIP file from one of the sources below and place it in the Minecraft texture pack directory. To find that directory, run the Minecraft game client, and choose "Mods and Texture Packs" from the main menu. Then, click the button labeled "Open texture pack folder" to find the appropriate folder and put your ZIP file there. To get your feet wet, try downloading the Eldpack Texture Pack.

Popular Texture Pack Lists

There are many places to find texture packs, but we've found the following sites to be a great start: