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Minecraft Mods

What is a Mod?

Mods are modifications to the Minecraft game client or the Minecraft multiplayer server you connect to. Some mods simply alter the default behavior of existing items, blocks or mobs. Others will add completely new crafting recipes and items to the game such as new creatures, new plants, elevators, airplanes and anything else you can imagine. Keep in mind that most client mods that add custom content will not work properly in multiplayer mode with the default Minecraft server.

IMPORTANT - Mod Safety

Mods are not currently supported by Minecraft. Although mod support is on the way, in the interim, installing a mod does pose some risks. Here are the primary things to consider:

  • Never install outdated mods. The mod must be updated to EXACTLY the version of the game client you are running. If an older mod version is installed, the game could crash, or your world data could become corrupt.
  • Mods that alter the behavior of existing items or creatures are relatively safe to install and uninstall.
  • Mods that introduce new items, blocks or creatures are not safe to uninstall. Once you have introduced this new data into your world, you must always have that mod installed when playing. If you attempt to play in that world without that mod installed, your world data will likely become corrupt.
  • Some mods may conflict with each other.

Installing Mods

To install a mod safely, follow the steps found here. In the future, when mod support is built into the game, this will probably be a lot easier.

Where to Find Mods

Minecraft mods can be found in a myriad of places, but finding a reliable, maintained list can be challenging. We've found the following sources to be pretty solid: