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Minecraft Mods

Introduction to mods (modifications) that alter the behavior of existing items, blocks and creatures, or even add new content into the game.

Minecraft Servers

Minecraft game clients connect to Minecraft servers, allowing players to craft, mine and build with each other in the same world.

Minecraft Textures

Texture packs change the appearance of items, blocks and/or creatures on your game client.

Minecraft Skins

Skins allow you to change the appearance of your in-game character. This change will be visible to players on any multiplayer server you connect to!

Minecraft IDs

A pocket reference to Minecraft Block and Item IDs.

Patch Notes

Minecraft Patch Notes.


We'll be running regular contests, giving out free Minecraft swag and prizes. Entering will usually require minimal work on your part, possibly some clicking. You're good at clicking. This is within your skillset.